How it Works

Pick, Pair and Personalize Your Plan

Not your typical meal replacement plan, the flexible Fresh Steps Meal Starter System prevents boredom, adapts to your schedule and builds a framework for longterm success.

1. Choose your Meal Starter

• Smoothie
• Hot (for soups)
• Pasta
• Egg

2. Pair it for Perfection!

Choose a Convenience Pack or choose a recipe using fresh ingredients.

3. Enjoy and track your meal

Be mindful of how you feel at mealtimes and track for better results.

How It Works

Why Fresh Steps?

Meal Starters

Start the Meal Off on the Right Foot

Learn how our creative use of Meal Starters are designed to simplify the process of getting a healthy meal on the table fast.


You have the choice to pair a meal starter with either fresh grocery ingredients or a convenience pack, a powdered flavor pack designed for when time is limited.

Nutritional Booster Packs

Our meal starter packs contain the essential vitamins, minerals and appropriate balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats to form the foundation of a meal.

Cooking “Training Wheels”

Look at Meal Starters as your cooking “training wheels”. They form the foundation of your meal simplifying your recipe and saving you time. This allows you to gradually build your kitchen confidence skills.


Meal Starters

Convenience Packs

Don’t have time to prepare a fresh meal? We’ve got you covered!

Learn how Convenience Packs help support your busy lifestyle.


Simply rip open a pouch, combine with the Meal Starter of your choice, shake or heat and go.


Designed for when time is limited and meal prep is not an option, add a Convenience Pack to the appropriate Meal Starter and you’ll have a nutritionally balanced and delicious meal in minutes!


We live by our philosophy - taste is king and our Convenience Packs are no exception! All natural flavor for all natural goodness.


Convenience Packs